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BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, February 17
Wins & Fails for the Week of 02.17.16
A MATCH BREWED IN HEAVEN Wednesday, February 17
WHILE WINE PAIRING HAS BEEN IN VOGUE FOR CENTURIES, beer has been unfairly relegated to a beverage best enjoyed solo. Pairings show off how a certain beverage interacts with different foods or even …
CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON Wednesday, February 17
The decade of the 1950s was the Golden Age of Westerns, on both the big screen and television. Three lesser-known films of the period typify the originality, range, and intelligence of the genre, …
DIGITAL DISOBEDIENCE Wednesday, February 17
Mark Hosler and Negativland still defy and detonate pop culture conventions
DARK & STORMY Wednesday, February 17
Protomartyr’s Detroit-born punk is sharp and abrasive – but packs an everyman heart of gold
SO WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Wednesday, February 17
Popular NPR quiz show Whad’ya Know? returns to The Florida Theatre with live music, the most interesting man in Jacksonville, and maybe even pythons
SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE Wednesday, February 17
Sixty-five years on, The Sun Ra Arkestra continues to boldly go where no jazz band has ventured before or since
HEART AND SOUL Wednesday, February 17
PAGE TURNER Wednesday, February 17
A HAUNTING BREW Wednesday, February 17
Roger Eggers’ directorial debut is a potent blend of atmospheric chills and provocative horror