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TEBOW TIME (AGAIN) Wednesday, April 29
Tim Tebow signed with his fourth NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, last week. Unlike the three previous acquisitions of the former Heisman Trophy winner, this latest signing was met with somewhat less enthusiasm in Jacksonville.
EMBARK Wednesday, April 29
I stepped onto the deck of the Jacksonville Water Taxi feeling right proud of my deft maneuvering when a loud, “Welcome Aboard!” stopped me. It came from a fellow slouched in the first seat, who greeted me with a big goofy grin and bright eyes shaded in oversized sunglasses. I figured him to be just another passenger; he didn’t quite have that nautical snap. Multiple strands of Mardi Gras beads dangled around his neck, partially covering the logo of a white Jacksonville Arena T-shirt, at least four sizes too big for him. On his head he’d fixed a Jacksonville Suns ball cap in primary sunny yellow, turned backwards. If we went down, I don’t think he’d be much help. He moved with the staccato push-pull of someone with cerebral palsy; the fingers of his hands were twisted permanently into his palms, like he was holding a rope.
BREWING UP A GOOD TIME Thursday, April 23
Five Points spot pairs craft beer, coffee and soda with creative menu offerings
HELLO, ZORBA! Wednesday, April 22
“Opa!” Greek culture can trace its ancestry back to 270,000 B.C. – maybe that explains why they have a lot of experience in knowing how to par-tay! The Jax Greek Festival features …
DARK SOUNDS Wednesday, April 22
The husband-and-wife team of Mike and Tara Connelly join forces creatively as Clay Rendering, making music that blends elements of dark wave, psych rock, dream pop and even black metal. Both are …
TRIBUTE TO EARTHA KITT Wednesday, April 22
When René Marie’s husband told her to stop singing or leave their turbulent marriage, she chose the music. Though she didn’t begin performing professionally until age 42, Marie …
5-7-5 X 20 Wednesday, April 22
New show at CoRK is a unique homage to terse verse
On evolution, entrepreneurism, exclusivity and self-excoriation with the Los Angeles rapper
MUSIC & MENTORS Wednesday, April 22
A few weeks ago, a musician friend of mine named Chance released an album that includes a song written in tribute to his lifelong mentor, Ron Feldman, who died in the fall of last year from brain cancer. Ron, an Orlando-based voice and music …
Drummer Paul Bostaph's rhythmic pummel helps push the metal gods into their third decade of metal fury