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Burlington BADASSES Wednesday, March 21
The Boston Globe said the performers are “poignant, hard-hitting … and heavenly.”
Eat Your HEART Out Wednesday, March 21
The fourth annual mouth-wateringly good time is described as a “cash-based adventure in taste,” and we’re super-excited to taste a slew of small bites, check out homemade beer and circle back through to revisit our faves (hungry eyes on you, Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen). Plus it’s leashed-pet-friendly.
Home, HORRIBLE Home Wednesday, March 21
One of the many subgenres of the horror/thriller ilk is the home invasion movie.
Listen CLOSE Wednesday, March 21
Anyone with a stake in the local Florida music scene will recognize the name Kaleigh Baker.
Lady LIBERTY Wednesday, March 21
For over 20 years, Christy Frazier has maintained a fixed position at the leading edge of cultural developments in the River City.
Folio Weekly's semi-annual comprehensive restaurant guide is on newsstands today
Dog Bite Yo’ Tire Wednesday, March 21
David Girard remembers and redeems for all of us
The case for repealing Marco Rubio's favorite amendment
Hands-On Experience Wednesday, March 21
New FSCJ-run café gives students the reins
BurgerKing Girl Wednesday, March 21
It's odd how I began by hating you BurgerKinggirl. I was looking for dinner cheap fast andunhealthy. Instead I found desire. Was it a fortunate right turn that allowed youto beat me to the …