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TO THE RESCUE Wednesday, June 10
Northeast Florida residents display loyalty, sacrifice, and courage. And their human companions are quite incredible, too!
CLOUD K9 Wednesday, June 10
K9s For Warriors combats trauma with companionship
A WINKY AND A NOD Wednesday, June 10
Becoming a foster family made the Nowickis the most popular family on the block
CURATE YR IDOLS Friday, June 5
From the Editor
Comedian Tom Green offers a surprisingly stoic view on his past, present, and future
PARADISE LOST Wednesday, June 3
Cameron Crowe’s new film is a veritable island of bad ideas and even worse execution
Anticipating the September release of Cooties, the horror-comedy starring Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood as elementary school teachers fighting a horde of zombie pre-teens, I decided to revisit three earlier films that also deal with homicidal kids. Though these films are quite good, not one of them is even remotely funny.
TAKE ME TO THE RIVER Wednesday, June 3
Paul Harden understands the value the St. Johns River brings to Jacksonville. When City Councilmember Jim Love asked Harden if he thought river access was important, the land-use lawyer and City Council lobbyist replied that he did.
Let’s hope this supernaturally bad installment of the horror series will be the last
While on WJCT’s First Coast Connect, then-candidate Mike Williams could have been mistaken for a young Sheriff John Rutherford: authority in his voice, confidence in his ability to lead the agency, exuding the ethos of a cop’s cop. He hit his pension reform talking points, spoke intelligently about the inner workings of the sheriff’s office, and he dug his feet deep into a stoic “tough on crime” stance.