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The Power Meter 3 days ago
POWER UP: CHECKOUT THE LIBRARIES The Jacksonville Public Library has put together a plan to increase hours of operation at four branches in some of the city’s most underserved areas. To …
The Power Meter 3 days ago
POWER UP: SALTWATER COWBOYS Who knew Northeast Floridians were such ranch enthusiasts? Last week, an adorable photo emerged of Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry flanked by his bros — Jax …
The Power Meter 3 days ago
POWER UP: WESTSIDE DRUG SCENE Murray Hill’s revitalization continues to gain momentum with two new spots to score a caffeine buzz. The Hemming Park bean-slangers at Vagabond Coffee …
The Power Meter 3 days ago
POWER DOWN: SHAD KHAN The city’s mustachioed messiah should know by now that his flock is particularly prickly when it comes to any negative perception of their place of residence. Yet, …
Coffee Culture 4 days ago
Spend your weekend getting high (on caffeine)
In November 2013, the Esquire politics writer, part time Grantland contributor, and consistently least-funniest panelist on NPR’s “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” Charles …
The other Arlington institution
08.26.15 | The WINs and FAILs of the Week
TANGLED WEB 4 days ago
Why COJ fears MMJ
WAKE THE DEAD 4 days ago
Alice Cooper and some heavyweight friends honor fallen comrades with a new release