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REBEL Director Wednesday, March 28
At a young 57 years old, Japanese director Takashi Miike already has an astonishing 104 films to his credit, most of them feature-length. Even more surprising is how good most of them are. A man of …
With the GREATEST of Ease Wednesday, March 28
The brainchild of former Ringling Brothers ringmaster, Kevin Venardos, the (animal-free) circus returns to the First Coast for high-flying, Broadway-inflected fun.
FRENEMIES for (After)Life Wednesday, March 28
We like to imagine that a composer battle would be something like a duel between a rapper and a thaumaturge (lots of posturing, threats and obscure-yet-specific insults).
EYE Candy Wednesday, March 28
With more than 100 local and nationally known artists participating, it's the perfect place to consider a new piece for over the mantle.
WORSHIP Them Wednesday, March 28
Growing up, Peaches Christ was "a little creative dictator" and, judging from her films like and not much has changed.
Snark KING Wednesday, March 28
In a recent interview, Miller observed about Nancy Pelosi, "She always looks like she's watching the docking of the Hindenburg."
Once More With Feeling Wednesday, March 28
What if we lived in a utopian world where bands were categorized not by genre, but by the feeling their music creates?
Life In All Its Complexities Wednesday, March 28
Just when you thought Loudon Wainwright III couldn't broaden his overstuffed résumé, the songwriter, actor and all-around …
NORMAN’S Studios Wednesday, March 28
  The documentary Floyd Norman: An Animated Life premiered in 2016, almost exactly 60 years after its subject made history as the first African-American animator to work at Walt Disney …
'P' is for Perfect Wednesday, March 28
Pimiento (or is it pimento?) cheese has exploded onto the dining scene … but what do you really know about Southern pâté?