Blake Edwards was a filmmaker many critics and reviewers failed to take seriously when he first appeared on the Tinseltown horizon. He made entertaining movies, sure, but he wasn't really considered …
Between the Blue & the Red Wednesday, May 16
3-D films never truly had a lasting legacy
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Hemingway-sourced films offer glimpse into Papa's heart of darkness
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After 20 years of slow, incremental growth, The National rule the indie rock game
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She doesn't want to talk about what happened to the lamb
Folio Weekly celebrates our 31st birthday by spotlighting the people, places and things that make this our favorite corner of the rock
Rituals of HORROR Wednesday, April 4
It's understandable that many heavyweights in the film industry view Netflix and Amazon as unwelcome competitors in the awards market, a dubious arena to start with, since it's more a way …
An ASCENDANT Note Wednesday, April 4
The acclaimed film is about gifted singer/songwriter Ronald Troy Collins, homeless and addicted to crack, living on LA's Skid Row. It's a hard but hopeful movie, reminding us that the homeless are …