Revived cinematic trio comprises under-appreciated classics
Multitasker James Franco’s tragicomic true story works
The STAR & the Fury Wednesday, December 6
Two ’50s Westerns still work today
SIGNS of our Times Wednesday, December 6
Bungled investigation and questions of justice secondary to mother’s pain in film teeming with subtlety and unexpected humor
Nothing's CHEERY, Nothing's BRIGHT Wednesday, November 29
Two tales detail the cost(s) of survival
GREEN-WASHED Behind the Gills Wednesday, November 29
Rick Scott becomes an environmentalist (again)
Other Bodies, Other EARTHS Wednesday, November 22
Two films explore the idea of multiple iterations of reality
Xmas CRIME Wednesday, November 22
The man who invented Christmas did not
The Whole TRUTH Wednesday, November 15
Almost eight years to the day since Natasha Boykin’s death, her mother believes new evidence proves she did not die by her own hand
EMBRACING the Unintended Life Wednesday, November 8
Paralyzed at 36, Amy Quincy keeps seizing the day, every day