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WANDA SYKES 101 Wednesday, February 25
The versatile comedian prepares to a drop a few truth-bombs in Downtown Jax
The local visual artist maintains his ascent in the underground comics scene
The annual exhibit of works by local African-American artists continues to show fresh, inventive art
The German-based artist creates awe-inspiring installations
Brooklyn-based artist captures dream-like memories between moments
SOUND AND VISION Wednesday, April 1
Jacket: A Juried Video Showcase, is a one-night-only screening of videos by 17 international contemporary artists. Chosen from a pool of more than 100 submissions, the selected works (including …
ART Wednesday, April 1
The exhibit Reflections: Artful Perspectives on the St. Johns River features pieces by Emily Arthur [pictured, Blackwater with Moth (for Audubon) no. 1, screenprint with etching and lithography, …
PLAY ON Wednesday, February 25
The Ritz Theatre & Museum and Apex Theatre Studio present the premiere of Red Moon Theatre Festival, aiming to use the arts to celebrate diversity and the community of Downtown’s LaVilla …
In 1967, German-Canadian 
 mathematician and 
 physicist Gunter Wyszecki wrote in his book Color Science that the human eye could distinguish as many as 10 million colors. With so many choices on the artist's palette, why would anyone choose to …
ART Wednesday, February 18
The term Omphalos (Greek for navel) signifies various symbolic points that bridge the worldly and divine. Using this concept as a launching pad, Lauren Frances Evans and Jensen Hande were prompted to …