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Hail Mary Wednesday, September 12
A sweetly funny coming-of-age tale about the life and loves of Eddie and Becky, both of whom are Catholic, which deeply affects their lives in 1960s Chicago. Along the way they meet oddballs and …
Long Good-Bye Wednesday, September 5
Breakin’ up is hard to do ... but in the right writer’s hands, it's funny, too.
Making the Dream Work Wednesday, September 5
"We are not a ballet company,” states Jacksonville Dance Theatre’s Executive Director Katie McCaughan.
There are certain forces at play in the works of Jiha Moon. The Korean-born artist creates pieces that bring to mind a sense of evolving iconography, pan-identity—even mysticism.
THE THINKS YOU’LL THINK Wednesday, August 29
Quasi-charming, certainly cocky, sporting a tall red-and-white hat and, at his feet, minions Thing One and Thing Two: He’s the Cat in the Hat, here in NEFLa for a limited time indeed.
Perfectly Imperfect Wednesday, August 22
As human beings, no matter the tribe, having a sense of belonging plays a crucial role in securing individual and communal identity.
ZAP, KAPOW! Wednesday, August 22
This month, St. Johns River State College’s Thrasher-Horne Center kicks off the season with its new, thrice-annual arts extravaganza, Thursdays @ Thrasher.
The Business Of Art Wednesday, August 15
Creatives entrepreneur symposium
Sisterhood and Empowerment Wednesday, August 8
Douglas Anderson student Qwyn Cephus directs "The Vagina Monologues"
"Allegro & Allonge" Wednesday, August 8
Celebration of the art of movement, beauty and form