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Warts and ALL Wednesday, September 13
Folio Weekly’s own Madeleine Peck Wagner mines self-consciousness in her exhibit, The Labor of Learning. She tries to undermine the idea that fat inherently means ugly with works that are …
Nation's first media feeding frenzy leads to "heartbreaking" and "emotional" play opening at Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre and starring some top local talent
The "JUST Deserter" Wednesday, September 13
An Eritrean family’s long journey to Jax and the play that praises their story
Shaun Thurston, Christy Frazier, Matthew Abercrombie and Mark Ferreira (artwork pictured), aka The Bless Your Heart Crew, are overhauling and repainting the outside of Phoenix Arts District. PAD owner Frazier aims to rally support for a Penland School of Crafts-style facility here, a place for artists and students.
After nearly 20 years, Jax native returns for the most comprehensive exhibit of his singular work
Visual artist remains in awe of the natural order of things
Lee Harvey was controversial, fiery and committed to calling out hypocrisy. His targets included the First Baptist Church’s Homer G. Lindsay Jr., the Klan, Goldman Sachs, President George …