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Combustible Art Yesterday at 6:00 AM
Last summer, Jacksonville artist Zenslayfu, also known as Kandice Knecole Clark, conceived Black Opal to highlight the works of artists of color on the rise. This year, the multimedia event returns …
The World is A Stage Wednesday, July 11
One of the things I often think about is how work begets work, whether that's making stuff or seeing stuff that catalyzes thought, and then action.
Her Own Song of Life Wednesday, July 11
Artist Erin Kendrick explores the “dark phrases of womanhood”
Broad Buffoonery Wednesday, July 11
Lauded as “quite simply, a terrible play.” This is a joint production of Awkward Silence Jax and The 5 & Dime.
Rawr, Indeed! Thursday, July 5
Artist Tannahill Glen shows at Brew 5 Points
Between Allegory and Issue Wednesday, July 4
Words are hard to find when you find yourself in the presence of an artist who isn’t simply evolving their language, but who is actively leveling up.
Cold Hearted Wednesday, July 4
 Troll glass, pure-hearted children, magical helpers and an evil queen who tries her damnedest to steal happiness are all in this musical adaptation of the timeless Hans Christian Andersen …
Creating Marvelous Wednesday, June 27
Marcie Wallace is called by God to make art
A New Kind of Anarchy Wednesday, June 27
Filmmaker John Waters is arguably one of the greatest minds Baltimore has ever produced.
The eyes of a child spark the flames of imagination; exposure being the ultimate denominator in determining a child's passion for the arts.