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Every Wednesday, 132,360 readers look to Folio Weekly for news, commentary and information. Other publications attempt to tell what has happened; Folio Weekly tells Northeast Florida what's happening now and in the week ahead.

Advertisers find Folio Weekly offers an efficient, cost-effective way to reach active and affluent consumers in the local market. Our sales representatives understand that audience better than anyone else and will help design effective advertising campaigns that tell your story and get results!

One-issue readership: 132,360


Four-issue readership: 265,389


Distribution: 30,000 weekly


Median age: 45


Average Household Income: $64,959


Attended College: 63.2%


55.8% female | 44.2% male

78.2% white | 18.6% black | 3.1% hispanic/other


Source: Scarborough Prime Lingo Jacksonville, FL 2013 release 1


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