Who Is the Most Interesting Woman in Jacksonville?


Who is the Most Interesting Woman in Jacksonville?

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Cari Sanchez-Potter Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


Eleanor King, who will celebrate her 100th birthday, July 26th. Her mind is sharp as a tack and her memories of world, State and local events are fascinating. Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


there are two i would choose: Eleanor King ...totally agree with robin patton that at 99 and counting she is extraordinary- her life is inspiring. she begins each day practicing tai chi and she can recite poetry and stay out all night with the best of them...a close second is Blair Woolverton- i mean really...need one say more? Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


Spend five minutes with Betsy Lovett and you'll know.

On other fronts, Delores Barr Weaver does amazing work. Donna Orender comes to mind, as does Donna Deegan. Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


Eleanor King!!...her zest for life and living at 99 years old is unparalleled. She is a true Jacksonville historian having lived here for most of her life and in many jax neighborhoods including Springfield and Avondale where she still resides...a wonderful story teller and friend. Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


I also vote for Eleanor King! She is an amazing woman on the brink of her 100th birthday. I have always been impressed by her poise, manners, memory and intelligence. She is an icon. Wednesday, April 2, 2014|Report this


Noli Novak, head illustrator for Wall Street Journal. Relocated from NYC in 2006, resides in Riverside since 2009. Yugoslavian born, a founding artist of CoRK, singer in Jax punk band No Vaccine. Thursday, April 3, 2014|Report this


Without a doubt, I choose Eleanor King, my neighbor for close to 11 years now. She has close to 100 years worth of stories to tell, has been active and involved in countless organizations, projects, and hobbies all her life, primarily working for the benefit of the community. Beyond that she has raised interesting and devoted children, who in turn have given their mom many, many grand and great-grandchildren who will no doubt carry on her legacy of lifetime learning and action. AND she gave me some very good advice on Friday ; ) Tuesday, April 8, 2014|Report this


Kristi Lee Schatz...Founder of the Peaceful Living Center in Avondale and Unity Plaza Program Director for Health & Wellness. Truly radiant soul, cultural creative, leader, counselor. Impact rising in JAX! Thursday, April 10, 2014|Report this


Alice Krauss, the Program Manager for the Brooks Rehabilitation Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program. Ms. Krauss has enabled many disabled individuals the opportunity to not only participate in sports but to achieve athlete status. Ms. Krauss has untold energy and perseverance and through her leadership has enabled the Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation program to become a nationally recognized leader in the rehabilitation community. Thursday, April 24, 2014|Report this


Emily Lisska, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Historical Society (since 1996) is my nominee. She gave the most incredible tour of City Hall to a group of elementary Student Council students (1st through 5th graders). Her knowledge of Jacksonville's history was amazing and she was able to capture the full attention of this diverse group of students for an hour and a half. She got them turned on to city government AND history... not easy to do given the short attention spans most kids have. I was very impressed. Tuesday, April 29, 2014|Report this


Jennifer Chase

Jennifer is a fantastic mother, playwright, educator, and musician. Not many, men or women, can meet the standards of "interesting" that this woman holds.

http://jennchase.com/ Wednesday, April 30, 2014|Report this


Hope McMath, as head of The Cummer Museum & Gardens, has lead a team that has transformed the institution. At the same time, she has reached beyond the obvious, and broadened the mission and scope of the Museum's outreach in the community. She is a dynamic individual, and a visionary in our midst. Thursday, May 1, 2014|Report this