Where Are They Now?

A look at how the 2011 Top 15 are doing


1. Smith Residence

Charter Court East, Queen's Harbour Yacht & Country Club

Smith, a former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, moved back home to Jackson, Miss., selling his house for $1.3 million in September, taking a $23,571 loss.

Water used 2012: 982,865 gallons

Water used 2011: 2,041,000 gallons

Change: 1,058,135 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: No. 36 in 2008, No. 5 in 2009


2. EverBank Final Corp.

Ortega Boulevard, Ortega

Water used 2012: Property sold March 16, 2011, to Paul and Joy Jones.

Water used 2011: 1,585,000 gallons

Previous years on list: None


3. Makarov Residence

Chelsea Lakes Place, Deercreek Country Club, Southside

According to Duval County Property Appraiser records, the house where Makarov pays the water bill is owned by Eaglestar Intertrade, a marketing firm, a subsidiary of Itera Timberland & Development Strategies LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Russian natural gas company Itera Group. The huge place is really two homes connected by a covered driveway. State corporation records show Makarov is a director of Itera and several other companies.

Water used 2012: 553,000 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,578,000 gallons

Change: 1,025,000 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: No. 6 in 2007, No. 44 in 2008


4. GreenPointe MF LLC

East Auburn Oaks Road, Northside

Water used 2012: 344,000 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,444,000 gallons

Change: 1,095,000 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


5. Smyrles Residence

Shipwatch Drive, Queen’s Harbour

Water used 2012: 1,398,905 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,435,000 gallons

Change: 36,095 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


6. Amlie Residence

San Juan Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach

Water used 2012: 603,000 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,413,000 gallons

Change: 810,000 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


7. Florence Residence

Hala Court, Pablo Creek Reserve, Intracoastal West

Water used 2012: 691,000 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,362,000 gallons

Change: 671,000 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


8. Hannon Residence

Point La Vista Road South, San Jose

Water used 2012: 819,000 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,354,000 gallons

Change: 535,000 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


9. Kondaur Capital Corporation

San Lorenzo Boulevard, Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club, Intracoastal West

Matthew Boren purchased the five-bedroom home on Oct. 19, 2012, for $575,000.

Water used 2012: Not available

Water used 2011: 1,347,000 gallons

Previous years on list: None


10. Gabriel Residence

Ortega Boulevard South, Ortega

Gabriel told Folio Weekly last year that the problem was the “sinking” swimming pool on the property purchased from former Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio.

Water used 2012: Service shut off Aug. 13, 2012; premises vacant.

Water used 2011: 1,317,000 gallons

Previous years on list: No. 2 in 2010


11. Simmons Residence

James Island Trail, Deerwood Country Club, Southside

Water used 2012: 972,887 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,311,000 gallons

Change: 338,113 gallons decrease

Previous years on list: None


12. Walker Residence

Timuquana Road, Westside

Water used 2012: 1,483,950 gallons

Water used 2011: 1,266,000 gallons

Change: 129,950 gallons increase

Previous years on list: No. 13 in 2008, No. 36 in 2009, No. 26 in 2010, No. 2 in 2011, No. 12 in 2012


13. Crocker Residence

Skylark Drive, Mandarin

Water used 2012: Stopped service Sept. 8, 2011; new tenant started Feb. 19, 2012

Water used 2011: 1,261,000 gallons

Previous years on list: None


14. Nobles Residence

Richmond Street, Avondale

Purchased Sept. 9, 2011, by Aubrey Edge

Water used 2011: 1,256,000 gallons

Previous years on list: No. 12 in 2008


15. Spadaro Residence

Ponte Vedra Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach

Purchased Aug. 8, 2012, by Gregory & Amy Wong

Water used 2011: 1,237,000 gallons

Previous years on list: None

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