What is one free resource people in Northeast Florida should know about?

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All I Know, Incorporated is a non-profit organization committed to providing valuable, insightful, purpose-focused life skills to children and families. Our organization is the bridge that brings communities and services together to meet the needs of low income and underserved men, women and children. By bridging those ever widening gaps we increase the consumer base of local, state and federally funded programs while conveying consciousness of such programs to families and individuals in need.

All I Know, Incorporated provides programs to improve the quality and quantity of comprehensive community-based programs for at-risk children, youth, and families. Our mission is to equip limited resource families and youth who are at-risk for not meeting basic human needs with the skills they need to lead positive, productive, and contributing lives.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans live in distressed neighborhoods where a combination of crime, poverty, unemployment, poor health, struggling schools, inadequate housing, and disinvestment keep many residents from reaching their full potential. The complexity of these issues has led to the emergence of comprehensive place-based and community-oriented initiatives that involve service providers from multiple sectors, as well as community representatives from all types of organizations, to work together to reduce and prevent crime and to revitalize communities.

All I Know Incorporated operates on the belief that through enriching the lives of young adults, we can turn the tides of underemployment, crime and substandard living environments. We are in partnership with the Jacksonville Housing Authority to bring these valuable programs to their residents. Additionally, we enjoy partnerships with the Duval County Health Department, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office.

All I Know, Incorporated has setup five distinct workshops and seminars:

 In The Know Teen Workshop

 Don’t Sleep on Me

 Learn By Example

 Without Limits Youth Leadership Program

 Still Surviving and Walking in Your Purpose

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