It is becoming crystal clear that State Attorney Angela Corey is in need of some mental health treatment [News, “Lock ’Em Up,” Susan Cooper Eastman and Derek Kinner, May 14]. She reminds me of the crazy old maid in the neighborhood who called the cops the minute the kids started playing in the street. What I would have given to have Angela on my street on Halloween.

Like the mob, every member has to make their bones, also known as a hit. Angela makes her bones by concentrating on the easiest targets in Duval County: black teenagers up to mischief. While state statistics clearly show a decreased amount of repeat offenders using the civil citations from around the state, Angela keeps notching her belt.

She needs to be removed from the Duval County teenage justice system. I don’t care how you do it, just do it.

Since she seems to zero in on the black community, it’s up to the black community to remove her. I suggest starting a petition drive to remove her from office and ask the black ministers to head the charge.

I believe that in order to sign a petition, you have to be a registered voter, so let the black community have a series of get-out-the-vote Sundays. You can accomplish two goals: hope to get enough signatures to have her removed, and register an additional amount of black voters who can then vote her out on Election Day.

Angela Corey is like a flesh-eating bacteria; she must be eradicated before she destroys more young black lives just to feed her thirst for destruction.
Rick Mansfield

Name Names
It appears that a number of our public officials don’t hold in high regard the public’s right to know what they’re up to [Editor’s Note, “A Culture of Secrecy,” Jeffrey C. Billman, May 7], but thanks to Folio Weekly, the Times-Union and local TV stations, at least names are being named. Please continue to tell us every time they try to stonewall or thwart attempts at the access that they, by all rights, should offer willingly and automatically. Just how dumb — or clueless — do they think we are?
Joe Lowrey

Not Spin, a Cover-Up
I’m an independent and a vet who served in special operations for 21 years. While the Republicans totally screwed up under the Bush administration and have been unfair to this president from the get-go, Benghazi is a real scandal, it is a big deal, and in my book and that of almost every veteran I know, unforgivable [Editor’s Note, “The Big Benghazi Freakout,” May 14].

What is absolutely unacceptable is that a firefight went on for eight hours and calls for help were not unanswered but denied (especially when it’s clear no one knew how long it would last when it started). The fact that the secretary of defense did not approve sending in assets which were within striking distance is what is a disgrace. Some say only the president can approve, but the president made it publicly clear he had told the SECDF to do whatever it took to help.

Secretary Panetta should have resigned over this. He said he decided not to send any more assets in; saying that we did not know enough to launch assets into harm’s way is a bunch of BS. I absolutely believe a calculated political decision was made to protect the president during an election campaign, and a cover-up ensued immediately after.

Not spin — a cover-up!
Whether the president knew or not can be debated and should be — what did he do and where was he during the eight hours of chaos where the first U.S. ambassador since the 1970s was killed in an attack? However, his chain of command failed those men we lost, and this presidency. I bet the White House staff were thinking, “God forbid that we would have lost more assets or even had an aircraft shot down.” It would have been Mogadishu all over again. You watch: There will be more crap, like what exactly was the CIA doing there? Iran-Contra will look like child’s play. The CIA director so far is the only senior-level member to resign in disgrace — for a totally different reason.

Remember, deliberate lies were released from the very beginning by our government about this. The lies started from the very beginning. Not spin, lies!

This is not over and should never be forgotten. The active decision not to send rescue assets during a firefight and the cover-ups are what this administration should have to pay for.
Titopue, via

Beating a Dead Horse
I’m a vet who served in Iraq. The Republicans are beating a dead horse [“The Big Benghazi Freakout”]. They should move on and let it go. Or if they don’t want to be hypocrites, jump in their time machine and impeach Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Wolfowitz. Move it along. Nothing to see here.
Frankiem, via

Not Criminals
I am with United for Care, the medical marijuana campaign [Editor’s Note, “How Marijuana Saved a Life,” Jeffrey C. Billman,” April 28]. I also have friends who served in Vietnam, and my heart goes out to them. Just wanted to let you know that we are out there spreading the word so folks like your friend can get the relief they need without feeling like criminals.
Beth Leitner

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