The Name Game

City's new pro soccer team needs your help!


For the most part, the names of our local pro sports teams have obvious connections to our city.

With approximately 221 days of sun annually, the Jacksonville Suns makes sense. Having at least five players who can't walk through a standard door without having to duck makes the Jacksonville Giants an apt descriptor. And as the county with the seventh highest rate of shark attacks in the state, the Jacksonville Sharks moniker is more accurate than most of us care to think about. (The Jacksonville Jaguars are an anomaly, however, since the Panthera onca isn't even found in Jacksonville or Florida or the Southeastern United States ... but that's another story.)

I bring this up because the city's new North American Soccer League (NASL) team is looking for a name and is holding a contest to find one. The contest runs through noon Dec.1, and the winner (if eligible, of course) wins a trip to a "top-flight professional soccer game" in the UK during the 2013/2014 season (including airfare for one, two match tickets and three nights hotel accommodations). 

Naturally,  I have a few suggestions of my own which can be viewed in the photo gallery above. If anyone wins with one of my names, I expect that other ticket. (P.S. I know my graphics stink, but I'm a writer not a designer.)

Click here for contest rules and eligibility requirements

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