The Hot Air of Arrested Dragon*Con Cofounder


Edward Kramer, cofounder of the annual Atlanta fantasy-character convention Dragon*Con, was arrested in 2000 for allegedly having sex with underage boys but has yet to stand trial in Georgia because he's engineered a never-ending set of legal delays — if not because of his version of Orthodox Judaism that limits his diet and activities, then it's his allegedly poor health. ("As soon as he puts on an orange jumpsuit," said prosecutor Danny Porter, "he becomes an invalid," requiring a wheelchair and oxygen tank.) In 2011, after managing to get "house arrest," he violated it by being caught with an underage boy. Lately, according to a May Atlanta Journal-Constitution report, he files an average of three demands per day from his Gwinnett County, Ga., lockup, each requiring painstaking review before being rejected. Kramer still owns about one-third of Dragon*Con, whose current officials are mortified that they can't expel a man they consider a child molester.

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