Terrible Story, Hold Your Noise and Calling Raggedy


Terrible Story, Terrible State

What a terrible story [Cover Story, “Marriage Equality. Now,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Feb. 5]. (Not the writing, the story being written about.) It’s a shame that this happened.

Stories like this make me wonder why there are, which there are, famous gay and lesbian couples who even bother to live in Florida. This state’s position on “non-traditional” marriage, and even on “non-traditional” civil unions, not to mention the difficulty for “non-traditional” couples to adopt children in this state, baffle me.

— David Nielsen, via

Hold Your Nose

You expressed the sentiments I’ve been trying to explain to friends more eloquently, and containing more specifics, than I’ve been able to [Editor’s Note, “The Crist Conundrum,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Feb. 12]. I don’t see how anyone, Crist included, could deny his opportunism and shape-shifting, whether within the Republican Party, as an independent, or now as a Democrat. He is far from the sort of candidate I’d wish for, and it’s a crying shame that he’s our only hope for unseating the unspeakable Rick Scott, whose drawbacks are so numerous and egregious that the fact that the GOP is solidly behind him is so shameful that it would be worthy of another column.

I’ve told numerous friends that I’ll be holding my nose and voting for Crist, because he is frankly the only alternative to Scott. If there were ever a time for “none of the above,” this would be it! There is not. We must get Scott out, and Crist is the only real possibility for doing that.

— Joe Lowrey

What Are You Calling Raggedy?

I agreed with most everything you wrote in your article [Crime City, “Santa Popo Comes to the Northside,” Wes Denham, Jan. 15], with one exception. Your description of where the mayhem took place: Jacksonville’s “raggedy” Northside. The area you described is neat as a pin, where there are eateries and shopping. I happen to live here, in what you refer to as “raggedy,” in a beautiful home on scenic Dunns Creek. My home was featured in Water’s Edge magazine a few years ago. Be careful with your biased thoughts of our community. 

— Karoll Stokes

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Regarding the "Hold Your Nose" comment. I'm wondering if Mr. Lowery has given any consideration to the candidacy of Adrian Wylie. He is probably just as much a long shot as "none of the above" but he might be less offensive to his principles. Sunday, February 23, 2014|Report this