Should a Former Police Officer Be Allowed to Receive Pension Benefits After Being Convicted of a Crime?


The Police & Fire Pension Fund trustee board voted to reinstate Richard Cannon’s pension despite his August guilty plea to attempted sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and sexual battery on a child younger than 18. The State Attorney dropped 11 other molestation and sexual battery charges.

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Disgusting and a gross misuse of taxpayer money and the police pension fund. WHERE is the justice for these girls? The poor excuses for human beings that made this decision in his favor should be ashamed of themselves. $42,000 a year while serving a prison sentence for molestation? Amazing. He should rot in that prison cell. It is a sad and sick day when we REWARD these monsters for their crimes. Friday, March 1, 2013|Report this


So what else is new the "Blue Code of Silence" is an unwritten rule among police officers in the United States not to report on another colleague's errors, misconducts, or crimes. If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the code, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer's wrongdoing

from cops protecting each other to the review boards (more cops) the whole thing stinks. Ever notice those metal FOP Badges bolted on cars license Plates? .........They are serial numbered - you must be an immediate cop familly member. Advantage you will never get a ticket or even pulled over. Go to Jags Games - notice how Cops all get to tailgate on the curbed in medians behind the Police Lines? Cost me $25 a game to park Cops Park Free!

This example is the worst: A Perverted Child Molesting Sex Offender slides off on the blue slime. You wonder where the term PIG came from?...................... Wednesday, March 6, 2013|Report this


Bobby Deal,Richard Tuten and Nat Glover do not see this as tax payer money or any of tax payer concern. They awarded the 42000.00 dollars a year payment to Richard Cannon while he sits in jail for 30 years because they feel he deserves it. The money comes from a fund that they are entitled to . It's Mr.Deals,Mr. Tuten, and Mr.Glovers choice to make . We gave them that money,and that choice to make. If any one is upset ,they should be more concerned at the kind of ridicules money we as tax payers give them and the type of people that we allow to sit on these boards .

Wayne Davis Thursday, March 7, 2013|Report this