The surveillance video in evidence in England's Wolverhampton Crown Court in July captured the entire caper of two young men failing to open a parking lot's ATM five months earlier. Wearing hoods, they tried to batter the secure machine open, then tried to pull it away (but learned it was rooted to an underground cable). Plan C: Getting in their Peugeot and ramming the ATM, which did knock loose the money-dispensing part — but also shredded part of the car's body. The dispenser (with $1,500 in coins) fit in the front seat only after some pushing and cramming, but finally the men drove off, sparks flying as the weight of the coins made the crippled car scrape the pavement. Police arrived on the scene, and a brief chase ended when the car crashed into a wall. Final score: Car totaled, money recovered and Wesley Bristow, 25, sentenced to two years in prison.

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