Pacific Dub Comes to Jacksonville: Take Two


Pacific Dub In Jacksonville: Take Two

West Coasters Pacific Dub brought their trademark energy and charisma back to Jacksonville on July 17 as they started the Florida leg of their "Red, White and Booze Tour" at Jack Rabbits.

One of the band's most meaningful and well known songs, "Dreaming," kicked off the show.

“I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming of a place so far away, yes somewhere we can take our great escape,” lead singer Colton Place sang to the crowd, who quickly showed their appreciation.

Openers Prime Trees and Sidereal set the reggae/rock feel that Pacific Dub personifies as the crowd swayed to the melodies.

After rocking out to “Close To You,” Pacific Dub played an original song “Best of All Time,” one they re-mastered for their latest album “Tightrope.”

“You with us Jax?” asked guitarist Bryce Klemer as the crowd responded with yelps and applause.

Lead singer Place asked the crowd if it was okay for drummer David Delaney to take over the mic for a few songs, prompting more yells of approval.

Playing “Young Girl” and an old favorite, “Foolin’ Around,” Delaney held his own vocally while playing the drums simultaneously.

Both the bassist, Ryan Naglich, and keyboard player Casey Eubanks clearly enjoyed the crowd’s energy as they played with smiles on their faces.

After playing the album's title song “Tightrope,” the group followed with a crowd favorite “California Girl” that had the audience swaying to the smooth reggae melody.

The band's enjoyment of the show was clear as guitarist Klemer raised his beer to the crowd and asked they drink for the lead singer who could not partake.

“Can’t drink while I’m taking these steroids,” Place said, flexing his muscles.

The singer announced that problems with his vocal cords may keep him out for a few months after the end of the tour, though any strain was hardly noticable as he hit a high percentage of all the song's demanding notes.

Before playing an old hit “To the Sky,” the band thanked the crowd for “making a Wednesday feel like a Friday, or a Saturday, something of that sort.”

“This is a brand new song, hope you like it,” Place said, as they continued to play “All I Need,” a song that got the crowd’s approval.

Earlier in the set, Klemer removed his shirt, something that singer Place could not let go by.

“Why are you so sweaty all the time?” Place asked.

“Ask Shaq why he’s so sweaty all the time,” Klemer responded with a laugh.

The group went on to play three of their old hits “Waiting,” “Inhale” and “Sundown.” All sounded at their studio recording level as Klemer rarely missed a note throughout the night.

Pacific Dub made sure the crowd gave their yells for Prime Trees and Sidereal for opening up the night in stylish fashion.

The group continued interacteing with the crowd after almost every song.

“You guys want to hear some more songs or hear us talk more?” Place joked later in the show.

After playing “Find A Way,” the group thanked those who stayed for the end of the show and dedicated the final song, and old hit, “Utica” to the them, a song anticipated by many of the fans.

The guitar solo talent of Klemer kept the crowd jumping until the very end as the band lead into the song.

“I wish that I could find the words to say to try and explain the way I feel today, wake up in the morning everything feels alright.”

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