On the Tweet Beat: Dan Hicken

Investigating the First Coast News sports director's Twitter account


Since my recent foray into snooping around Governor Rick Scott's Twitter account was so well received (see sidebar), I decided to start "Tweet Beat." Like a sworn officer of the law, I will patrol the Twitterverse protecting and serving the Tweeters, their followers and the community at large. On today's docket is First Coast News Sports Director Dan Hicken.

• In his Twitter profile (@DanHicken), he describes himself as: “sports guy, father of three awesome kids, hubby of BWR, friend to all, YOU KNOW IT!” ("BWR," for those who don't follow Hicken, is "beautiful wife Reagan." All together now: aw!)

• At this moment, Hicken has 7,141 followers which is pretty impressive considering legendary WJXT sports director Sam Kouvaris has fewer than 2,500 — and Action News’ Steve Wrigley doesn’t even have a Twitter account.

• He’s currently following 217 accounts including the PGA Tour, Cecil Shorts III, Florida Gators, Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Lochte.

• The first Twitter account he followed was Tony Boselli. (Can you say "bromance"?)

•According to his Twitter timeline, his first post was on May 27, 2012 at 5:36 p.m. in response to a coworker’s Tweet about heading to the beach: “be careful out there big guy … stormtracker!”

• Since then, he has posted 8,562 times.

• Gramatically speaking, he does not like to use uppercase letters but is a big fan of double question marks, double exclamation points and ellipses.

• Regarding college sports, he hates Miami. (I mean, "he hates miami!!")

• But judging from a recent Tweet, he is a big fan of cheesy reality TV: “i don't know about you....but i simply can't wait for the reality tv show SPLASH to debut this week … #MUSTSEETV!”

• Finally, I would caution Hicken about some potential awkwardness around the newsroom. First Coast News colleagues Phil Amato, Shannon Ogden, Chris Porter and Amanda Zitzman all follow Hicken, but he doesn't follow them. They shouldn’t feel too bad, though. He doesn’t follow First Coast News either.

If you have a suggestion for a future Tweet Beat person of interest, email me. But I can't promise that I won't snoop through your account too.

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My tummy hurts after the hearty laugh I had at the second graf. I often wake up to Hicken’s morning radio show on 1010. I’m not a morning person. Wednesday, March 13, 2013|Report this