A smartphone app to help you be strong, especially at times and locations that are triggers


MomentStrong is an application for your smartphone, and it's Jacksonville-based creators are a few of the hundreds looking for support at One Spark. Founders Liz Pierce, Rick Graf and Angel Cabrera feel strongly that their application will provide strength when you need it. They said they their application will help individuals lead happier lifestyles and help companies reduce their medical expenses.

For example, the MomentStrong application can send a smoker trying to quit a video of his daughter telling him to fight the urge while on his work break. Using geofencing, the application can send users trying to diet inspirational messages when they arrive at their favorite fast-food spots.

MomentStrong co-founder and CEO Liz Pierce said that the one of the areas the company wants to focus on is human relations departments.

"HR departments can distribute the app to their employees," Pierce said. "We can monitor what a company's employees struggle with, pass along that information to the HR department, and that department can, in turn, better focus what its employees need — such as particular wellness programs."

Pierce noted that the app's users are completely anonymous.

You can program MomentStrong to remind you to be strong in the moment you most need it. If you're dieting, the app can send you a reminder at your lunch break to eat the healthy lunch you packed, instead of settling for a less-healthy alternative.

"In 5 years, I see moment strong being used in a broad spectrum of companies and people in many expanded areas than we have right now," Graf said. "We are going to expand to users that suffer from prescription drug abuse, financial issues, compulsive gambling  and depression. I think it will eventually morph into areas that we haven't thought of yet. It will morph into motivation for whatever people need it to."

The creators said geofencing, which allows the app to send a user a message at a specific geographical location, and the app's ability to deal with multiple issues sets MomentStrong apart from other motivation apps. The company is developing a library of default motivational texts and videos that users can use, or users can use make their own.

"We will be in the App Store soon, but we are hoping that our users will help spread the word of the benefits they get from our app," Graf said.

"Everyone has that moment where they need motivation," Pierce said. "We are targeting the weak moment."

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