Mayor Brown's Budget Presentation

Not so 'next level'


Earlier this week, Mayor Alvin Brown officially presented his budget to "the City Council, Sheriff Rutherford, Supervisor Holland, honored guests and [his] fellow citizens." As part of the proposed plan, Brown said he will cut $60 million in spending by closing libraries, public swimming pools, community centers and fire stations, shutting down summer youth camps and laying off Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employees.

Obviously, none of these solutions would be good for the city or its residents, but that is for people far wiser than I to dissect. My job, as I see it, is to break down the mayor's actual presentation of the budget.

That said, here are the things that I noticed while watching the 20-minute address.

1. In addition to cutting back city programs, Brown is cutting back on the use of his signature phrases "next level" (which he didn't utter until 11:20) and "effective and efficient" (first mentioned at 18:48).

2. He does not know how to pronounce "Deutsche Bank" correctly. And dude came dangerously close to "gradulating" City Council President Bill Gulliford and Vice President Clay Yarborough a la Corinne Brown's world-renowned "Go Gata" speech.

3. The mayor is also cutting back on using the letter "G." Examples include: "raisin' taxes," "tappin' into resources," "hardworkin' employees," "sendin'...pushin' ... showin' ... and partnerin'."

4. His script was at least 60 pages. I know this because I could hear him turn every ... single ... page ... since, I'm pretty sure, it was written on paper bags—probably from Winn-Dixie.

Check out the mayor's presentation in its entirety by clickin' here (you know I had to):


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