Keenen Ivory Wayans Takes on Paula Deen and More

Openers Jeff Zenisek and Josh Phillips also bring the funny


In his first show at The Comedy Zone June 27, Keenen Ivory Wayans went straight for the jugular. From the moment he stepped on stage, he tore into Paula Deen's recent revelation that she had used racially charged languaged in the past.

Wayans sternly asked the crowd what they thought of Paula Deen and a few of the vocal fans yelled negative things about her. 

Wayans beautifully played it off like it was going to turn into a heated debate, then knocked it out of the park with repeated hilarious jokes about racism.

Wayans never stayed on the same subject for long; he kept the audience laughing as he smoothly transitioned through every aspect of his life. He discussed up his five children and how his daughters have changed from the “Daddy’s little angels” they used to be. He said he thought he would be that kind of dad that would threaten boys to leave his daughters alone. Now he is practically trying to give his daughters away. 

He talked about his marriage, divorce and dating as an older man. He recounted a time when he had a date and the day after woke up to 200 phone messages.

He joked that the messages start with "Hey, I'm thinking about you" and turned into "I know where you live!"

Jacksonville native Jeff Zenisek was the evening's host, and Josh Phillips was the opening comedian.

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