Jimmy Smith Out of Jail?

On Facebook, he claims to be under house arrest


When checking Facebook chat, I was surprised to see a green light by the name of the greatest wide receiver of his era. I was more surprised that he responded when I asked "how are you being treated in prison?" with a simple "I'm out."

Since it was reported that Jimmy Smith would be in jail until 2018, I wondered how he got released. A one word answer followed: "God." Instead of being locked up, he added, he's under "house arrest like Charley Sheen [sic]."

Smith didn't chat for much longer. When asked about Aaron Hernandez, the former Gator tight end who is involved in a murder investigation in Masschusetts, Smith said, "it's crazy."

Hopes are that a longer conversation will follow at some point, but if this is true, and Smith is out of jail, it is great news. This column argued that six years in prison would constitute a death sentence for Smith some weeks back.

"Smith likely will emerge from prison more broken than he went in — and likely will have no trouble scoring dope inside. But prison, when it comes to drug cases, is less about rehabilitation and more about fueling the creaky, amoral machinery of the drug war. Six years might as well be a death sentence. The greatest Jaguars player of all time, arguably. Clearly, that greatness comes with a price to be paid for a long time."

Hopefully, justice showed Smith some mercy. About time someone did.

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