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GCS Police Chief retires after black female officer complains that he called her his “token”


Green Cove Springs Chief of Police Robert Musco retired last month. According to records provided to Folio Weekly by the City of Green Cove Springs, prior to his retirement, Officer Kimberly Robinson alleged in a complaint that Chief Musco referred to her as his “token” and made other statements with racial undertones. 

The complaint states that in front of other employees Musco yelled out to the officer, “Here’s my token . . . get in here token,” then asked if she would be working the city's Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities. She replied that she was scheduled to have the day off, saying, according to the complaint, “That is my holiday … and I’m going to enjoy the day off,” to which Chief Musco responded, “Columbus Day was taken from us for Martin Luther King Day.” The complaint said he further stated that officers who work the MLK Jr. Day event are paid overtime.

News4Jax reported that according to the city’s Human Resources Department, Musco did not deny making the statement; further, that Green Cove Springs City Manager Danielle Judd indicated that Musco would not have remained with the department if he hadn't stepped down.

FW’s attempts to contact Musco for comment were unsuccessful; Musco’s cell phone is disconnected and his house is up for sale.

According to the complaint, Musco also asked Robinson’s superiors to “calm her down” and to get her to drop her actions against him.

Even though many officers have said Musco was a “great guy” and some felt his comments might have been taken out of context, the company the city hired to investigate the matter found he had harassed the officer, who is African-American, because of her race; in addition, that he used a “mocking tone” when referring to the city’s celebration of MLK Jr. Day. The company found that these behaviors violated the city’s no harassment policy, and that Musco further violated policy by trying to “solicit support” from the officer’s superiors.

Assistant Police Chief Derek Asdot has been named interim chief.

Musco led the department for 11 years; previously, he worked for the Delray Beach Police Department in South Florida as a district commander for 26 years. He also worked with the Duval County School Police for 15 years.

FW reached out to the Green Cove Police Department for comment. As of press time, they had not responded.

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And....duh...where have you been, Officer Robinson, you must not be aware of recent Florida news media headlines, over the past few years, following the media reports, newspaper headlines, radio and television coverage on prevalent racial discrimination acts, in hiring practices, violent police actions against people of color (shooting our babies/children, is no laughing matter, even if they are waring a 'hoodie'). Basically being the 'wrong' color has it's drawbacks. Look at the statistics, The Florida Courier has numerous articles citing African- Americans in particular, are discriminated against especially in disparate hiring/promotional practices in government agencies, at the State, Local and County levels. Review ACLU statistical findings in the article on ticketing practices on seat belt violations ( FC: January 29, 2016, vol.24.No 5) just to cite a few and these are just the tip of the underlying 'iceberg.' A racially segregated America. Naturally people of color, won the award for getting the most tickets in comparison to Whites getting no-fine warning tickets (actually this is a common occurrence nation wide). Florida Star (January1,2017) reported that JEA ( a class-action suit was filed, November 15, 2016) , Jacksonville's major utility company which is exemplar of how racial discrimination can perpetuate when White administrator's successfully, openly, blatantly take care of 'their own', thus a person of color doesn't have any true grounds to question why they didn't get the job, why or how they scored 69 when 70 is the cut off score, or why 20-30 years of seniority means nothing, or why the job was given to a less seniority, less training, non-educated,White applicant, the employer claims the White applicant, was a 'better match' for the job, or matches the employer's personal biases, office culture, whatever.... ( common practice in City of Jacksonville, Tallahassee, State, Local and County government, discriminatory hiring practice). A case in point a Black- Female Post-Doctoral, applied for numerous jobs/positions, via the City of Jacksonville, for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, ( none required a Doctorates Degree level of education) yet the COJ' post to her account that her application was deemed unqualified for even the lowest level positions, neither has she been interviewed for the 2 that she did qualify for, iconicly, the 2 positions that placed her on the 'eligible' roster (2015), the City of Jacksonville list them as open positions, seeking applicant.(as of March 8, 2017) So in essence, you didn't get the job/promotion because your skin is the wrong color. Oh well, the employer, the Green Cove Police Department already has a 'token Black employee,' best to keep high level position for unqualified family and friends as long as they are 'White,' don't want to 'rock the boat.' Welcome to the 'real world' of what may be termed 'justified discrimination, the hidden racist agenda,' where employment's 'glass ceiling,' (keeping people of 'color in their subordinate place), is utilized effectively throughout Florida. Visit the Florida Attorney General's web/newsletter page, in each edition count the number of people you see coming from diverse backgrounds, or visit the JEA's downtown office, waiting in line, it is such a treat to see JEA's overview summary video on the 'big-screens,' with an all White cast of employees, that video makes a strong statement to where JEA administration stands on racial equality in employment practices. In January 2017 listening to a 'call in' discussion forum on 107.9 FM local radio station discussed the hiring practices of government agencies, hiring a Black-female with a law degree for $35,000.00 salary per year, all job offers, considering her degree offered her less than that, not surprising. Northern Florida in particular, is very much racially segregated, with a strong 'good-old-boys' employment and promotion mindset in place and perpetually operating. The discriminatory system, works well here in Northern Florida, if your skin happens to be 'White,' skills, seniority nor education can beat that? To the City of Green Cove Spring Police Department, good the Chief Musco resigned/retired, sad Officer Kimberly Robinson was treated indifferently, sad my tax dollars poorly spent supporting government employee's underlying racist agendas.

-J.D. Jackson Wednesday, March 8, 2017|Report this