AN UPDATE TO THE UPDATED UPDATE: Gov. Scott's Twitter Faux Pas

I can't MAKE this stuff up!

Gov. Rick Scott has egg (and other stuff) on his face ... again.
Do you think Scott realizes this is a parody account—even though it says "parody account" right there in the description? (If anyone from the governor's office is reading this, Amodei's official Twitter handle is @MarkAmodeiNV2.)
Before he deletes this follow, Scott may want to RT it to the Secret Service.
I don't expect everyone in the governor's office to speak Spanish, but I don't think you have to be Enrique Iglesias to figure out what "productos sexuales" or "eroticos" means (for the record, Google Translation = "seller sex products, gels, toys, harnesses, erotic dresses ...").
I guess I can't expect them to notice Twitter descriptions in Spanish when they don't even pay attention to this ...

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It's been four months since I became Florida Governor Rick Scott's self-appointed unofficial Twitter account analyst. Since accepting the position (how could I not when I appointed myself?), I have uncovered the governor's — allegedly inadvertent — following of a number of odd Twitter accounts like Elephantsfarting, i have never voted, I'm a Panda and MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, not to mention multiple colon cleansing businesses ... and a teen porn site.

Since then, I have been contacted by someone in the governor's office informing me that Scott's Twitter account was — unbeknownst to him — set up to automatically follow anyone who followed him. While I certainly don't believe that Scott intentionally followed naked teenagers or a pooting pachyderm, I do question the person(s) overseeing his Twitter for not knowing about "automatic follow" (the fact that he was following more than 25,000 accounts should have been the first clue) and not noticing these embarrassing follows, inadvertent or not.

That said, as the governor's dutiful, self-appointed unofficial Twitter account analyst, I took another look at who Scott is currently following (for the record, the aforementioned accounts have subsequently been unfollowed).

I don't want to ruin any surprises, but one is an escort service.

Check out Gov. Scott's latest "follow faux pas" in the photo gallery above (be warned: photo five contains words describing lady parts that may be considered offensive).

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