Go Skateboarding Day, Ladies Arm-wrestling tournament, Steve-O, Vacation Club and St. Augustine Music Festival also rocking your week


Oh jeez, you say. Another beer fest? There’s like a zillion of those. Why should I go to this one? Good question. First, this one is put on by us, and we are the coolest people you know. Second, it benefits the St. Johns Riverkeeper, one of the most important nonprofits in Northeast Florida. Third, it’s at Riverside Arts Market, which is awesome. Fourth, it’s free — well, the admission, not the beer. (We’ve got boat payments to make.) But! Forty bucks (cash only!) gets you unlimited brews, which means you can drink until you can’t feel feelings … er, sample from the hundreds of crafts and imports on hand. Or if that sounds a bit ambitious, $20 gets you seven pours. Or you can pay by the beer. Or, if you’re stuck being someone’s DD, first off, you’re a saint, second, we’ve got tons of restaurants and food trucks setting up shop, as well as music by The Band Be Easy and Split Tone. So, basically,you can’t lose. 1-6 p.m. June 22, Riverside Arts Market, free admission, cash only to buy beer.


The sport of hurling your carcass over a flight of stairs and down a slippery handrail on a four-wheeled creaking death-apparatus hasn’t yet made it into the Olympics, but at least it has its own international holiday. Polyurethane and plywood and teenage skull matter hit the bricks of Hemming Plaza for Kona Skatepark’s celebration of Go Skateboarding Day. Finally, those coveted banks and ledges are open for shredding, as skaters compete to see who can stomp the slickest move bolts-down in front of the crowd. Want to go home with all limbs in-socket? Totally doable, because… food trucks. Noon, June 21 at Hemming Plaza, Downtown, free.

Ladies, put those biceps to work for a good cause. Girls Rock Jacksonville hosts this fundraiser for its one-week summer camp, which teaches girls ages 9 to 16 how to play instruments, write their own songs and perform with their own band. You can donate money, sure, but they’ll also accept your extra musical gear. (Don’t lie: Every last one of you musicians has crap collecting dust in the garage.) To compete, arrive an hour early.7:30 p.m.-midnight June 20 at Rain Dogs, 5 Points, free.

Steve-O has been arrested for swallowing a condom filled with pot, stapling his scrotum to his thigh (!) and more boring charges of vandalism and assault. When that shameless SOB comes to The Comedy Zone, don’t expect him to light himself on fire (they’re not insured for that). While still hilarious, his standup act is not exactly like his Jackass schtick (think jellyfish sombreros). Steve-O now claims to be celibate, sober and vegan, but he still contends that society remains in a downward spiral – otherwise he’d be homeless. 8 p.m. June 19, 8 and 10 p.m. June 20 and 21, The Comedy Zone, Mandarin, $20-$25.

Like Coachella for Beethoven enthusiasts (and presumably with fewer drugs), the St. Augustine Music Festival, now in its eighth year, features a six-concert series showcasing a number of classical music acts. The Diaz Trio, guitarist Stephen Robinson, flautist Les Roettges, a Mozart concerto by violinist Elissa Lee Koljonen and more will perform, all under the artistic direction of Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra violist Jorge A. Peña. There’s also a special performance by pianist Eugenio Urrutia-Borlando. 7:30 p.m. June 19-21 and 26-28 at St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica, free, staugustinemusicfestival.org.


Each Vacation Club chorus delivers a potent syrupy-sweet dose of retro bubblegum pop and sugar-high dance grooves with a snotty punk aftertaste; rinse thoroughly and spin it again. Heaven is Too High, the quartet’s latest and first full-length release, features circular surf riffs layered over Sam James’ voice, an acquired pitch that rings a few octaves higher than all other notes in the band’s diverse sonic palette. There’s a lot going on here, and that’s absolutely a good thing. 9 p.m. June 20 at Underbelly, Downtown.
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