Don't Walk Away

Rick Springfield is coming!


Here’s the thing about musicians who are still performing more than 30 years after their heydey: They have a very specific present-day audience. Case in point, Rick Springfield.

Of the millions of fans Springfield had back in the day, a small percentage are now dead or deaf; others don’t remember the pretty-boy pop star (or won’t admit it, at least, to their friends who were into Morrissey or The Cult); a larger section outgrew his music and now listen to Michael Bublé or Jack Johnson; and perhaps the biggest group are the fans who had fond memories of Springfield but aren’t sure so sure about spending at least $50 on a ticket. And there are the loyal “Rick Chicks” who wouldn’t think twice about dropping $500+ on for a VIP stage pass to meet the man—in the flesh.

It’s a safe assumption groups one, two and three won’t be attending Springfield’s September 26 show at the Florida Theatre—and probably never started reading this post in the first place. And the Rick Chicks already have their seats and have been mainlining “Human Touch” and “Love Is Alright Tonite” since tickets went on sale. That said, I am dedicating this list to group four.

And I’ll see you group five gals (and guys) on Thursday. Florida Theatre. 8 p.m.

1. "Jessie's Girl..." blah-blah-blah. Great song, obviously, but it's not Springfield's only hit. Perhaps these ring a bell...

  • "Don’t Talk to Strangers"
  • "What Kind of Fool Am I"
  • "Affair of the Heart"
  • "I’ve Done Everything for You"
  • "Love Somebody"
  • "Don’t Walk Away"

2. And he's still churning them out, at least according to one Herald & Review reporter: "Springfield has put many of his contemporaries to shame with an excellent new album ["Songs for the End of the World"]. It is superb."

3. Sure, he's a Grammy-winning musician whose sold millions of albums and been a TV star, but Springfield fights his demons just like the rest of us. His memoir, "Late Late at Night," details his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, infidelity and the devastating death of his father, and is a New York Times best seller.

4. He's still got it.


Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl from Rick Springfield on Vimeo.

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