Disable Java Now!

It's full of security flaws


If you heard today’s Deemable Tech segment on WJCT 89.9 FM, you know that you need to disable Java on your web browser, now! If you didn’t hear today’s Deemable Tech segment, you should listen to it, and well, you read the last sentence, so now you know, too.

Java, a programming language installed in most web browsers, has been in the news a lot lately because of the all the problems it’s been having. A ton of security flaws have been discovered in Java, and Oracle, the company that owns Java, seems to only be fixing the problems when they have been forced to. The security flaws were affecting Macs more than PCs, but even on PCs those security flaws are very serious. More than half of the cyber attacks in 2012 were done through flaws in Java.

It’s not just our opinion, either. The Department of Homeland Security put out an urgent advisory in January for everyone to disable Java now, unless it is absolutely necessary for you to use it. What you need to know now is how to disable Java, now. At Deemable.com/java we have setup a page describing how to disable Java in each web browser.  Go visit it, and follow the directions on disabling Java in your browser, now!

Keep in mind, if you regularly visit a website that uses Java, that website will not work. To reenable Java, simply follow the directions again, and enable Java instead of disabling it. Also, you should probably call and complain to the company that owns the website, and ask them to stop using Java.

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