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Jaguars game against the Colts shaping up to be epic disaster


Perhaps it is just the headcold I have. Or perhaps it is the recent report that the Jaguars are using ball boys as wideouts in practice. Either way, though, a season that started — as they all do for the Jags — with something approaching promise has devolved into an absolute disaster. It seems pointless to speculate on how the team might beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 29. The real question: How bad will the butt whipping be? And how will it proceed?

We can expect to see a couple of less than familiar faces making impacts for the Colts: Coby Fleener — Andrew Luck's college tight end — and Trent Richardson — just acquired from the Browns. A reasonable person might expect both of these guys to score at least once. With Blaine Gabbert back at quarterback, two touchdowns will probably be enough.

Beyond that, though, there are business questions. The closure of the Mathews Bridge and a weather forecast that includes clouds and rain — these may provide impetus for Jags fans to stay home. Things are ugly in the River City — really ugly for Game 4. And everyone knows it.

At the home opener, I listened to the derisive laughter in the press box. Not at all a good look. Did Shad Khan hear it? He was there, at least for the pregame, before he left for Tallahassee to meet with Gov. Rick Scott. The owners may change. The coaches may change. But the fans are not going to show up to see this for much longer. When the big tease is "will they sign Tebow," well, it's easy enough to say this is a lost season already. And it's only September.

Maybe a returning Justin Blackmon will make a difference. But it seems like entropy and apathy have already set in. Network cameras showed the Jaguars' two best running backs — Maurice Jones-Drew and Justin Forsett — laughing at the tail end of that dismal loss in Seattle. And why shouldn't they laugh? The joke's not on them — they are paid no matter what. The joke is on you — the fans, who pay for the merchandise, who dare to hope, who deserve so much better. Who won't get it, it is clear already. 

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