Beginner Hustle Crash Course

Event Date
Sunday, June 2, 2013
Event Location
The Dance Shack
3837 Southside Blvd. Ste 1
Jacksonville, FL
Additional Info
3-6 p.m.

The entire beginner level in Hustle... IN ONE DAY! This crash course is perfect for people who want to learn Hustle but have a hard time getting to the studio at night, for people who want to have a quick refresher in their beginner steps, or for people who just want to dance!

The Steps

Hesitation (Basic) - This step will make it possible for you to dance to fast music immediately! You will also learn important body positioning and proper weight changes. Later on you will use this step to rest, or “hesitate” during the dance.

The Wheel - Start learning turning actions right away with this step that will usually replace your basic once you're used to it.

Underarm Turn Combinations – This step contains the most popular turns in Hustle! You'll be using these steps no matter how advanced you get!

Leader's Behind the Back Pass to the Follower's Bridge – Building on the Underarm Turn Combinations, this step has a sneaky hand change behind the back.

Cross Body Lead – One of the most important steps in Hustle.

Cross Body Lead with Open Break and Return – A Cross Body Lead that you need! This variation gets the girl back next to the guy so you can have a never-ending flow of steps. Now you can dance an entire song!

This course is 3 hours long, and is only $30 for Dance Shack members if bought in advance, $35 at the door. Visit the site or call us at (904) 329-2946 to enroll!

This course doesn't come around often, so tell your friends, mark your calendars, and come join us for a fun day of dancing!

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