Mandaloun Serves Authentic Mediterranean 
with a Smile

The Baymeadows eatery offers a legit Lebanese culinary experience

Mandaloun's thick, creamy hummus is drizzled with olive oil and paprika.  
Caron Streibich
Fatoush is a mix of lettuce, tomato, chopped cucumber, radish, onion, mint, sumac and crispy pieces of Lebanese flatbread tossed in an olive oil, pomegranate molasses and lemon dressing.
Caron Streibich
The fresh tabouli blends chopped parsley, diced tomato, onion, bulgur wheat, lemon and olive oil.
Caron Streibich
Located in Deerwood Village Shopping Center near the intersection of Southside and Baymeadows, Mandaloun offers ample parking and indoor and outdoor seating.
Caron Streibich
Mandaloun's various kebabs – like these chicken and minced lamb versions – are served with rice and sautéed vegetables.
Caron Streibich
Try a cold bottle of Almaza, a pale lager beer from Lebanon.
Caron Streibich
The thick, smoky baba ganoush dip is perfect for piling onto a warm piece of pita bread.
Caron Streibich
Mandaloun offers an extensive lunch buffet weekdays and Sundays with a variety of warm and cold dishes, soups and desserts.
Caron Streibich
There are a handful of Lebanese kebab offerings on the menu.
Caron Streibich

9862 Old Baymeadows Road, Baymeadows


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Mandaloun offers an authentic Lebanese culinary experience in the 
Baymeadows neighborhood.

For the past five years, Mandaloun has opened seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Chef Pierre Barakat usually visits each table at lunch and dinner, flashing his warm smile and speaking with a thick accent that adds to the authenticity of the experience.

If you're new to Mediterranean food, check out the expansive lunch buffet ($12.99 weekdays, $19.99 on Sunday), which offers an impressive assortment of authentic hot and chilled Lebanese delicacies.

From the cold mezze (appetizers) selections, my go-to choices are baba ganoush ($5.95), a smoky tahini, garlic and eggplant dip, and the thick, creamy hummus ($5.95) topped with a swirl of olive oil and a scattering of chickpeas. Both are served with warm pita bread.

Another favorite is the vegetarian-friendly, lemony tabouli ($6.45), a mix of finely chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, bulgur wheat, onion, lemon juice and olive oil.

If you're craving a warm starter, share an order of falafel ($5.95) — four crisp balls of gently fried ground chickpeas, herbs and spices.

For a light lunch or side item at dinner, try the fatoush salad ($6.45) — a mix of lettuce, tomato, chopped cucumber, radish, onion, mint, sumac and crispy pieces of Lebanese flatbread tossed in a dressing of olive oil, pomegranate molasses and lemon.

Entrées include kebab skewers of shish taouk (cubed spiced chicken, $12.95), kafta meshwi (minced lamb with parsley and onion, $11.95) and kafta khosh-khash (charcoal-grilled minced beef, $11.95). Each is served with sautéed mixed vegetables and a side of warm rice or salad. Seafood and vegetarian items are also available.

With indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant is spacious and comfortable with large windows lining the perimeter. A small bar area is good for a pre-meal beer, glass of wine or cocktail.

For dessert, indulge in a traditional favorite — baklava. These petite, layered squares are sweet and nutty. Wash one down with a cold bottle of Almaza, a pale lager from Lebanon.

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