9 Rejected Names for A Day Without A WOMAN

(Also, we want to hear from YOU, protesters!)


On March 8, women across the country will stay home, wear red and shop local for A Day Without a Woman, a follow-up protest created by the Women’s March on Washington. According to the Women’s March website, the protest, which takes place on International Women’s Day, is intended facilitate “recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system--while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity.”

That’s right, in spite of the fact that we have a newly-elected president whose daughter is capable of saying with a straight face that he’s not a misogynist, that he believes all the bangable chicks like her are just as good as a man, we ladies are still getting the shaft–and not the good kind–on payday and in society at large.

Nearly 100 years after we finally got the right to vote, and 45 years since Congress ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (still working on getting those last pesky three states, including Florida, to ratify it – c’mon state Senator Audrey Gibson, we can do this!), as of 2015, a woman in America still makes an average of 80 cents to a man’s dollar, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Nothing like economic inequality to keep the 'good god, how is this still a thing' going. Sigh.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of turning those “can you believe this manspreading asshole on the Skyway?” frowns upside-down, here’s some names that were probs rejected before they settled on A Day Without a Woman.

“Day the boss learns where the coffeemaker is.”

“A day without a catcall.”

“A day without a pussy grab.”

“Day Netflix better not fucking freeze.”

“Day Netflix is guaranteed to freeze.”

“Day our Amazon overlords made up to boost sales.”

“Day we learn that Women’s March pussy hats pair best with protest red.”

“A day without mansplaining.”

“Day that takes our weekly pay to about 60 percent of our male colleagues’.”

Quite frankly, the fact that we even need to stay the hell home to illustrate the fact that we fucking matter to the economy makes us about as mad as our favoritest old lady from the Women's March on Washington below. Look at her, she's practically an original suffragette and she's still got that warrior spirit.

If that doesn't inspire you to burn a bra or at least do a quick fist bump in solidarity with our new personal heroine, we don't know what.


WE WANT YOU (and not in the creepy high school teacher way)!

Are you playing hooky, wearing red and/or shopping local on A Day Without a Woman? We want to hear from you! Comment on our Facebook, tweet or Instagram us @folioweekly, or send an email to Tell us how and why you’re participating and we might feature your story/image on!

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